Nature Loves Courage is a two day festival taking place at one of the most astonishing locations in the world, the south of Crete, also one of Europe’s closest situated points to Africa. 

Inspired by the widely known quote by philosopher, anthropologist and enlightened earth child Terence McKenna,  Nature Loves Courage proposes an intimate experience for the festival goer. With a very limited capacity of 450 people, the festival’s open air venue is located next to one of Crete’s most compelling beaches, also clothing optional, in Sougia Bay. The venue’s location suggests a relaxed and profound affair, away from the usual club/ warehouse/ institutional setting where line ups of this nature are usually witnessed.

The festival’s schedule allows attendees with the time to explore their surroundings and engage in nature related activities during the day, as well as indulge in the madness brought by an all star line up comprised by prolific and cutting edge artists from across the globe, following the setting of the sun.