There are two international airports in Crete:

Daskalogiannis Airport Chania (CHQ) is located in the north-west of the island and around 14 km from the town of Chania. There are direct flights arriving here from Athens and Thessaloniki as well as charter flights from countless destinations within Europe. We recommend you opt for a flight to Chania airport as this is the closest airport to get to Sougia.

Nikos Kazantzakis Airport Heraklion (HER) is located in the central north of the island and around 4 km from the town of Heraklion. From Heraklion to Chania, you may take the public bus services which drive across all four prefectures of Crete. The public transport is commonly used as a cheap and safe option and the bus tour lasts three hours. Alternatively, you may rent a car from the city of Heraklion and reach Sougia in approx. four hours.

Flights from Athens: The main domestic airline flying to Crete is Aegean Air. Flights arrive from Athens just about every hour in the summer. The duration of the flight from Athens to either Chania or Heraklion is about one hour. You may consider booking your flight with a low-cost airline and get to either Chania or Heraklion through Athens International Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos”.

Boats from Athens/ Pireaus: The Chania Piraeus ferry route connects Crete with Athens and is currently operated by 2 ferry companies. The Minoan Lines service runs up to 7 times per week with a sailing duration of around 6 hours 31 minutes while the Anek Superfast service runs up to 12 times per week with a duration from 9 hr.


Public transport to Sougia: there are two buses a day from and to Chania that take you to Sougia in about two hours. For more information on the timetable and prices, please visit the website of the public bus services (

Taxi: there are only two taxis based in Sougia. Please note that if you need a taxi, you may need to book it in advance as it may be busy. For organizing an airport transfer from Chania airport to Sougia you may contact: Vangelis Paterakis at or Meletis Nempavlakis at (also has a minivan service for up to 8 passengers).

Car rental: Please note that there is no car rental company based in Sougia. In case you want to book a car please make sure to reach out to car rental branches located in the center of Chania.


Sougia offers a range of accommodation options to suit every budget and need; from affordable simple rooms to private ensuites and beautiful studio apartments designed for small groups and solo travelers alike.

Sougia is certainly a no mass-tourism destination; however, we do recommend to research and reserve your accommodation well in advance, as during the summer season and especially at weekends, the village frequently welcomes a stream of tourists, locals and backpackers. 

If you are looking for accommodation in Sougia, please visit and or alternatively, contact us if you need to request any specific assistance.


Nature Loves Courage aims to be a safe space from sexism, racism, homophobia/transphobia and aggressive and reckless behavior. This festival aims to provide a positive communal setting for its attendees.

Look after one another.  If someone looks unwell or if someone is harassing others — please report it to the festival team immediately.


Glass bottles and containers, weapons, fireworks, illegal substances, electrical systems or tools with high energy consumption. Moreover, alcohol is not allowed in; the organizers reserve the right to deny the entry and/or to confiscate liquors.


Security will be provided in the festival area.


The organizers do not bear any responsibility for stolen or lost goods, neither do they bear responsibility for any injury or medical issue suffered onsite. Basic first aid services can be provided but for any urgencies please bear in mind that the nearest medical center is situated at Kantanos, 27 km away from Sougia. If you lost something please contact us and we’ll come back to you in case it has been found.


Pet animals are allowed in the festival grounds. However, they need to be on a leash and guarded by their owners at all times.


We ask everybody to respect the beach and the venue and to help us by keeping the festival area clean. Please use the recycling bins.


Leave no trace behind. That includes cigarette butts, cans/cups, trash. Keep it clean & pick up litter as you go. No grilling, fires or fireworks.


There’s plenty of off-road parking along the coast (approx. 300 meters from the venue). Parking space is wide open with no shading. Each hotel also provides a limited parking capacity.


Please contact us should you intend to document the festival. 


There are no banks. There is an ATM (cash point) but don’t assume that it will always be working. Please make sure you bring enough cash with you upon arrival.

Internet: many cafés have free WiFi internet. So do the hotels.

Cigarettes and tobacco will not be available for purchase at the venue so please arrange accordingly. There is a local convenience store nearby.

There is no petrol station. The nearest stations are quite far away (Agia Irini, Kandanos and Paleochora) so do not arrive in Sougia with an empty petrol tank. It’s recommended you have it filled already, in Chania. 

Special measures due to the COVID-19 pandemic

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic and the state-issued regulations, NLC Festival ensures that special measures will be applied to its festival venue in order to protect the health of those present (visitors, artists, festival and venue team). We therefore ask for the audience’s understanding and their cooperation in implementing measures and adhering to the regulations.

Visitors should be aware of the following:

  • The use of non-medical masks is mandatory upon entering, exiting the venue and during the festival performances. Visitors must keep their masks on.
  • A minimum distance of 1,5 meters must be kept between individuals in all areas, including restrooms (WC), merchandise stands, info desk, etc.
  • Crowding in all venue areas should be avoided.

The event organizer reserves the right to remove from the premises any ticket holder who does not comply with the aforementioned measures and regulations.