The Moroccan DJ known as Glitter, started shining when she arrived in Paris at the age of 24.
performance at Transmusicales de Rennes in 2018 push the young artist forwards into the electronic
world from her session for Boiler Room at Festival Le Bon Air in Marseille to major festivals like Nuits
Sonores or We Love Green.
Now, Manar is continuing her journey into some of the most demanding clubs such as La Machine du

Moulin Rouge, Concrete, but also in Geneva, Beyruth and obviously in her homeland, Morocco.
She’s also just started her own residency called FISSA in Paris – and very soon in other cities – where
she’s invited artists for the likes of Calypso Records’ Thomas Jackson, fellow artists ISSAM or Gan Gah.
There she can keep on refining her sound between the music of the western world and the futurism of
In 2020 she has started to release tracks : 2 vocal featurings (for Malcolm and Sebastien Forrester) and
also her 1st production, a collab with her fellow moroccan colleague Cheb Runner, released on Ransom